Sundargram Tour

Delight yourself in the rustic charm of Sundargram Tour

Amidst the busy life of crowded and polluted cities, many have forgotten the fresh air and natural beauty of villages. But, if you have ever wondered how it feels to wake up to the sound of a rooster in a fresh and pollution-free environment, then Sundargram is meant for you. If you want to enjoy a picturesque rural landscape, pack your bags for spending a lovely weekend in Sundargram.

A weekend destinations from Kolkata, Sundargram literally means “a beautiful village” and offers an authentic glimpse of rural Bengal. From exploring the farms and the paddy field along with farmers to catching fishes in the local ponds and lakes, there is a lot one can experience and learn from the village life of Sundargram.

Things to do in Sundargram

 This is one place where villagers and tourists come together to celebrate the rustic life of village in a joyous way. The place offer several unique experiences including farming, fishing, unique customs and traditions of a village in a simplistic way.

You can watch the beauty of the setting sun during a boat ride on Bidhyadhari River and later unwind in front of the bonfire with freshly prepared barbecued food. For some more knowledge about the local culture, a local guide can assist you with all the information and insight about the place.

Let Ishan Explorer Make Arrangements for you

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