Purulia Tour

Give In to the Rustic Charms Of Purulia Tour

If your heart yearns for a break from the noise and pollution of the city, Purulia can be the perfect recourse! Easily accessible through weekend adventure trips, this red-earthed district holds several amazing attractions.

Our guided Purulia tour at Ishan explorers include a balanced itinerary that covers all facets of exploration—from archaeological to natural. The heritage of Pala and Sena Kings of old Bengal are visible in the terracotta relics of Deulghata, Garpanchkot, Telkupi, and the ruins inside the Rakab forests. Purulia is famous for its old temples with remarkably unique architectural styles.

The natural diversity of Purulia is represented by verdant vegetation sprawling over a red, dusty earth. For those who are interested in adventure tours, Purulia offers the lures of Ayodhya hills and Jaichandi Hills — two of the most well-known spots in the state for trekking, hiking, & camping tours.

Sail on a light boat on the beautiful crystal clear waters of Durga Bera. The artificial lake is called Nil Jol (Blue Water) because of its clarity. At Telkupi, you can enjoy the boating with a wonderful background of an old temple. Muruguma is a favorite spot for group and family picnics as it offers a heavenly view of the Ayodhya Hills on good weather days. Do visit Sita Kund, Turga Falls, and Bamni Falls for their serene views. Remember to collect a ‘chhau’ dance mask from Chharida village as souvenir! Our tours also include live performances of this extraordinary folk dance of rural Bengal.

We arrange for you excellent travel and accommodation facilities that make your Purulia tour a truly satisfying experience. To plan your next weekend trip to Purulia, contact Ishan Explorer.