Puri Tour

If your heart wants a break from this materialistic world and your mind needs peace as well as you need a break from loads your work? Then Puri can be the perfect place for you to make a weekend as well as adventure trip.

Puri holds huge attractive elements to attract visitors. It is located in the state of Odisha in east India. Puri from the very ancient time known by many different names like ‘Shrikhetra’. It is the place which was known for its wealth in temples that is the reason it was invaded by 18 rulers for the purpose of loot in history. Puri is famous for its temples, festivals, beaches, rituals and many more.

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Puri has been chosen as the national heritage site in India by Indian government. This place is perfect for the people who want to know the Hindu culture, art like sand art and other art forms. For enjoyment and adventure we can visit the famous beaches where we can do boating, fishing, swimming, perform or see many sand arts and many more


Apart from its beautiful landscape and beautiful culture Puri has many locations which you should visit and they are the most important The Jagannath Temple, Raghurajpur Artist Village, Konark and Puri Beach and many more

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