Kolkata Tour

Travelling and tourism is an essential part of normal human extinct we love visiting places to refresh ourselves. India itself is popular for its culture where as Kolkata is the cultural capital of India. It is the land of beautiful historic palaces and one of the oldest and second largest city in India. Kolkata is the city where you can find everything like any kinds of cloths, any type food memorable monuments, palaces, the Gang River, Books and many more. Moreover its cultural richness and architecture will take away your heart.

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Kolkata being the capital city of west Bengal is one of the most popular weekend tourism sites in India. This city is highly rich in culture and the palaces. It has large number of historic monuments like Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace and etc. it has a number of Museums to visit and see the richness of culture and its heritage. As well as you can find new monuments like Eden garden a cricket ground for cricket lovers, Birla planetarium, Everest house, science city and many more

Being one of the oldest cities it a very interesting historical background too. Once it was recognized as the capital of India and was the second most important city for the British Empire after London. Kolkata is a place where you will find the mixture of every unique features in every matter whether it the matter of rich monuments or festivals and etc.

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