WeekEnd Tourism

Longing to get away from the chaos of the city for a day or two? After days of slogging in your daily routine and working hard, everyone deserves a short break. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive vacation or a week-long holiday. Even a small excursion for a day or two can help you get away from stress and feel rejuvenated. There are many weekend destinations from Kolkata that you can easily travel to and come back to join your work refreshed. With the lure of picturesque spots for sight-seeing, charming rustic landscapes, historical sites, and spectacular ocean views, these holidays provide the perfect mix of activity and relaxation.

If you are short of time, plan for one day outing near Kolkata with Ishan Explorer. These short trips can be covered in one or two days, but there’s a lot you can do. Get to explore some offbeat places, become on with nature, participate in interesting recreational activities, indulge in local shopping, and sample some locally popular mouth-watering delicacies.

Tourist Places Near Kolkata

Bishnupur Tour

Weekend in Bishnupur

Diamond Harbour Tour

Weekend in Diamond Harbour

Purulia Tour

Weekend in Purulia

Mandarmoni Tour

Weekend in Mandarmoni

Sundargram Tour

Weekend in Sundargram

Sundarban Tour

Weekend in Sundarban

Shanitiniketan Tour

Weekend in Shantiniketan

Tajpur Tour

Weekend in Tajpur

Tarapith Tour

Weekend in Tarapith

Puri Tour

Weekend in Puri

Digha Tour

Weekend in Digha

Kolkata Tour

Weekend in Kolkata

Be it nature trails at Rajabhatkhawa or Dooars, the lush tea estates and green valleys of Samsing, tranquil beaches of Shankarpur and Bakkhali or water sports at Tajpur, remnants of yesteryears at Bankura and Bishnupur or eco-tourism spots — there’s a weekend destination for every kind of traveller!  

Our customised weekend tours are designed to ensure you get to enjoy your trip and your stay to the fullest extent. Travelling to some of the weekend destinations near Kolkata within 100 km is also rather easy because they are well-connected to the city via road, rail as well as air. So, the next time you wonder how to spend your weekends, just pack your bags and get all ready to treat yourself to some of the most captivating locations in West Bengal. Ishan Explorer has innumerable options for you.

We plan the best weekend trips near Kolkata at best prices. Call us today for more information!