Weekend Drives

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Weekend on Wheels

Want to break away from the monotonous day-to-day grind and turn your weekend breaks into a soul-soothing experience? Fortunately, there are numerous attractions near Kolkata that make for the best weekend getaways in India. You can choose from rustic mornings in Sundar Gram, adventurous water sports in Tajpur, lush greenery in Cooch Behar, ancient temples in Bishnupur to soothing beaches in Mandarmoni to enjoy your weekend getaways.

Ishan Explorer is your trusted advisor in planning travel destinations where you can find peace or adventure of your choice. From amazing art and culture trips, coastal holidays, exciting outdoor adventures and wildlife expeditions to fantastic historical tours and sacred spiritual holidays — we offer a wide choice of weekend drive options that will satisfy the wanderlust of every traveller.

Ishan Explorer’s weekend drive packages brings an end to your search for great weekend holiday experience because we offer a wide assortment of delightful locations, diverse cultures, and unique lifestyles that you can experience on a drive over the weekend. We plan day and night trips along with itineraries for long weekends, while we also design custom tours for longer trips to various destinations across India. Our weekend vacation packages combine with exclusive travel deals that are customised to cater to every interest.

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