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 India is a land of charming beauty, striking diversity, and vibrant civilization. The vastness and diversity of this great country offer a plethora of dream destinations for camping and adventure trips. The subcontinent, especially the Himalayan regions, with its snow-capped peaks, winding passes, and dramatic scenery attracts a substantial amount of hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing enthusiasts from all over the globe. These mountain terrains provide varying levels of difficulty and challenges, admired by hard-core adventure lovers as well as families and corporate groups.

While camping in mountains with us, you can test your hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing abilities in some of the most treacherous mountain topographies that push your endurance levels to its last limits and teach you the skills to set goals in your life. After discovering completely unexplored territories and spending some quality time amidst the unparalleled scenic charms of the mountains, you will return home with increased confidence, self-realization, and much more vigour.

Why We Are Your Best Partner in Hiking, Trekking, and Mountain Climbing Trips?

Ishan Explorer — with customer satisfaction at its core — gives you the freedom to define your adventure vacation on your own terms, is a one-stop destination that can make your hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing dreams come alive.

Scale new heights, discover the unknown side of nature, and experience adrenaline rush like never before with our personalized, guided adventure travel packages that will not only let you explore the grandeur and beauty of the mountains, but will also give you fond memories to cherish for a very long time.

Be a part of Ishan Explorer’s adventure camping program to do something exciting, something new, something unbelievably inspiring. Trust us, after you walk out, you won’t be the same person who walked in.

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  4. Coastal Treks
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  6. Jungle Treks