Camping In Jungle

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Unravel the Mystery of the Wild With Ishan Explorer’s Offbeat Camping In Jungle Itineraries

Do you dream off sinking in an armchair under a starlit sky in the thick of wilderness for Camping In Jungle? Well then, you are at the right place!

From lush green valleys of Meghalaya to snow-capped mountains of Kashmir, India is full of diversity. Because of its varied geography, the country is also the home to a rich base of flora and fauna sprawling across Kerala to Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh to Orissa, Gujarat to Rajasthan, Bengal, and the North East. Forests and jungles are present throughout the Indian subcontinent, which consist a variety of plants and animals, including the Royal Bengal tiger.

 If you like the idea of packing your kit into a rucksack and set out for an eccentric experience into the wild, Ishan Explorer can provide the adrenaline rush that the adventure seeker in you is looking for. Camping in Jungle in comfortable, deluxe tents of our associate partners in India and Nepal, indulge in savoury cuisines, embark on a jeep safari to face the wild, or just lose yourself in scenic nature walks. We, at Ishan Explorer, have everything under our sleeves to make your adventure camping a thrilling and memorable one.

 Important Things to Carry While Camping in Jungle

 Please remember to carry –

  • Warm, comfortable, and light-coloured clothes.
  • A pair of good quality trekking shoes and slippers for indoors.
  • Water bottles and energy bars.
  • Insect repellents.
  • Skin moisturisers and/or sunscreen lotion.
  • Caps and sunglasses.

Ethics of the Wild

Here are certain ethical standards, which we as a responsible adventure tour operator recommend our travellers to follow:

  • Do not consume intoxicants like alcohol during adventure camping.
  • Comply with the instructions given by our expert tour specialists.
  • Do not get out of the jeep during safaris.
  • Never roam around during the nights without the consent of our tour facilitators.
  • Do not disturb the animals or the environment.

Ishan Explorer helps you find the most offbeat jungle camping locations in India and Nepal that will enable you to absorb and appreciate the mysterious beauty of jungle, in its truest form.

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