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Explore Nature in Its Most Awe-Inspiring Forms

Looking for the best camping and adventure tours? Ishan Explorer is your travel companion driven by passion. We live to breathe life into our extreme passion for creating unique experiences for adventurous people who love exploring the bold, wild side of nature.

Our well-designed adventure vacation packages enable outdoor adventure enthusiasts to revel in the thrill of spine-tingling, adrenalin-pumping, gripping, extremity of nature, locked in some of the most rugged and ruthless terrains of India and Nepal.

Ishan Explorer’s camping and  adventure will take you from cold, high-altitude hilltops to harsh deserts, dense forests to winding rivers, cascading waterfalls to craggy mountains, and foamy oceans. We guide adventure vacations to have everything covered to bring to you the best of untamed nature that will revitalise and drive your sensory experiences to new highs.

Our excellent network of top-notch lodges and camps in India and Nepal accommodate you in different levels of luxury. At the same time, support our passion for organising a variety of electrifying adventure activities, customised just for you.

Some of the outdoor activities we organise include treasure hunting, mountain biking, skiing, ballooning, bungee jumping, rock climbing, survival and OBTB games, desert safari, jungle safari, air safari, rappelling, paragliding, zip-lining, river crossing, rafting and more.

Why Choose Ishan Explorer as Your Camping And Adventure Tour Operator? 

  • State-of-the-art, first-rate equipment for efficiently organising diverse outdoor adventure activities.
  • A dedicated team of highly-experienced outdoor specialists.
  • High, ‘no compromise’ safety standards.
  • Maximum full-service capacity, minimum outsourcing.
  • Community development initiatives and nature-friendly practices.

Ishan Explorer caters not only to hard-core adventure enthusiasts, but also to a wide range of clients, which include individuals, families, schools, corporate offices, clubs, groups, and practically anyone who loves the captivating feel of extreme adventure.

So pack your bags and step out of your regular city life to be a part of a dream-like experience. Let Ishan Explorer do the rest! Contact us for more info about our camping & adventure tour packages.

So… What are you waiting for??? Step out & Just Chill the Thrill . . . . .

Our Camping Programs:

  1. Camping in Hills
  2. Camping in Mountains
  3. Jungle Camping
  4. River Bank Camping
  5. Desert Camping
  6. Adventure Camping
  7. Weekend Camping