Leisure Tourism

Bringing the Best of Indian Leisure Tourism

As a tourist destination, India is unparalleled in its diversity. From serene hills to sun-kissed beaches, from verdant forests to historical cities — the country is a mélange of places that exude their own unique charm. There are snow-covered hill stations, lovely desert cities, temples of extraordinary magnificence, balmy coastal towns, monuments retelling the past, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and so much more!

Coastal Holidays

Beaches are always an attraction for the nature loving peoples. We have our beautiful cottages & other types of luxurious hotels in the most beautiful beaches of our country.

Historical Tours

Our country engulfs a lot of historical events in its premises. There is a lot of Historical places all over India where we can see many historical structures with lot of mysteries hidden within it. Let’s explore these places in an innovative way.

Altitude Holidays

Mountains & Hills have always been a craze for humans. It is said that the Mountains are the guardians of the Nature. We have a lot of programs in various Hill Stations. The Snow covered Peaks, Green Hills, White Water-Falls, Rivers & Streams… Just awesome enjoyment for everyone..

Basically, India is what you make of it and how you want to see it. It’s the ultimate leisure destination that you can’t get enough of. Ishan Explorer covers India in all its glory. Our leisure tour packages are carefully planned and range from coastal tours, high-altitude holidays, to historical tours and jungle trips. Our customised tours based on specific preferences ensure there’s something for everyone!

If you’re looking for leisure tours in India – look no further. Ishan Explorer is here to make every trip a memorable experience.

Allow us to plan your trips to top tourist attractions in India at best prices. Call us today for more information!

Jungle Trips

Dense Forests are always an attraction for wild-life lovers. We have a lot of our wild-life programs for such peoples across the country.

Tour de State

Our country has 29 States & 7 Union Territories, each have its own speciality in different aspects. Travel with different aspects of enjoyment with us.

Honeymoon Trip

We offer an unique customization of the tours so that in a single vacation no one gets bored unrelated to their choices & expectations. You can customize your tour to get more