Camping & Adventures

Apart from the regular city living & contemporary staying at hotels we offer you an extreme outdoor adventure program with all safety in the lap of the NATURE where you can experience a completely different livelihood. We organize these programs all over India & Nepal. There are many types of Adventure & Outdoor activities which you can enjoy in these campsites. Some of the major adventure activities which we organize in our different campsites are Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Zip-Lining, Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Paragliding & Air Safari, Jungle Safari, Dessert Safari, Ballooning, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Treasure Hunt, Survival & OBTB Games. We do have our campsites in Jungle, in Mountains & Hills, in Dessert & in river banks with different Luxury Levels. These camping programs are open for all age bar and for all groups i.e. Individuals, Families, Schools, Corporate Offices, Clubs etc.

So… What are you waiting for??? Step out & Just Chill the Thrill . . . . .

Our Camping Programs:

  1. Camping in Hills
  2. Camping in Mountains
  3. Camping in Jungle
  4. Camping in River Bank
  5. Camping in Dessert
  6. Adventure Camping
  7. Weekend Camping