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7 Safety tips and tricks for successful trekkers

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Trekking has become an uprising trend from the very recent past.  It getting immensely popular as an adventurous activity for the youth now a days and of course it’s not a bad thing because it tests our physical toughness as well s our mental one but a part of its good sides it could be dangerous and seriously troublesome. Because you never know what may happen next. That is why I have brought seven tips and tricks that everyone should remember before going to any trek and they are-

  1. Research and gather updated knowledge about the place

Before visiting any place we should have an overall good research about the place and have a quite good and updated knowledge about the place geography and its weather condition and make necessaries plans according to it because it’s the most important thing that matters a lot while trekking.

  1. Keep your tracking bag essential and handy and avoid heavy back packs

We should keep only important and life saving items in our back pack like trekking gear, emergency kits, first aid kits and etc. always have a pocket knife, pocket lighter, a pocket torch and a whistle in your cloth which you are wearing as they can be proven as life saver to you in case of any trouble.

Except that we should keep light and instant energy giving foods like fruit bars, nuts, power bars and etc in the trek to avoid weakness while trekking and last but not the least do not rely heavily on your phone because it is a very sophisticated machine may not work under such wild condition and you get network then you may contact to people in case of left behind or lost case

Apart from this use proper dress code according to the places geography

  1. Never trek alone

We should always avoid trekking alone because while trekking we never know what may come up next so to avoid any kind of lost case we always should  trek in a group and also take care of everyone in the group and before trekking make sure that everyone is physically healthy to have a successful trek.

  1. Never leave the designated trail

We should never leave the  trail in search of any shortcuts and other reasons because not following this tip you may end up getting lost in an unknown place therefore be sure to follow the right path for a successful trek.

  1. Learn how to survive an animal attack

We should know the basic escape tricks from animals and also have a good knowledge about animal’s understandings and behavior, apart from that we should were full sleeves to avoid animal bite.

  1. In case you are lost or left behind

Make a shelter and light up fire for yourself

Keep yourself dry

And get ready to give signals like whistling and etc

  1. Final tips

Trekking may be a truly rewarding experience if done with complete preparation. Before you head for trekking. Hope for the best but stay prepared for the worst…

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